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Competition is a vital mecanism for Romanian economy, Competition Council having a very important role in ensuring a healthy competition environment. In this way, efficiency and innovatin are encouraged and prices are being reduced.

Also, companies are encouraged to offer goods and services in optimum terms to consumers. That’s why competition politics should be very well known by all those who are involved in economy. Companies should know all methotds they are protected by legislation in case they become victims of anti-competitive paractices, but also they should know which are the penalties if they decide to brake the rules themselves. It is extremely important that all these regulations to be well known by business environment and also by people.

By attending PRIA Competition conference you will benefit of finding essential legislative novelties regarding competition, high level analysis and case studies of the most important competition investigations of the last year.

Continuously, in focus are fighting against cartel, fighting against abuse of dominant position of companies in their sector of activity, against merging and aquisitions and unfair competition. For breaking competition law, a sanction of paying up to 10% of turnover can be applied. Competition Council always encouraged companies or individuals to report violations, but this time proposes an amendment to the actual Competition Law: all those who report with evidence that a company or more are breaking rules, to be be rewarded by receiving 1% off the fine, but not more that 100.000 euro. Also, self denunciation, contacting the competition authority and admitting to participate to breaking the rules, but also bringing evidence can reduce fines up to 30% or can bring total immunity, depending on the moment they contact the competition authority and on the value of the informations delivered.

Participate to PRIA Competition conference to analyse together legislative novelties in competition and also to find out when they entered into force and what we should change. Meet the most important representatives of Competition Council and other state authorities, professors, chamber of commerce and embassy representatives and also top managers from energy, financial, retail, telecom, pharma, construction, SMEs, lawyers, consultants and mass-media representatives!


Programul zilei:

09.30 - 10.00 - Registration and Welcome Coffee
10.00 - 12.45 - Legal News. Analysis. Case Studies

12.45 - 13.00
- Conclusions
13.00 - 14.00 - Networking Lunch


Invited Speakers:

Bogdan M. CHIRITOIU   - President, Competition Council
Marcel Bogdan PANDELICA - President, National Authority for Consumer Protection (ANPC)
Iustinian CAPTARIU- Managing Associate, Kinstellar
Radu MERICA - President, AHK Romania
Sergiu OPRESCU - President, Asociatia Romana a Bancilor (ARB)
Dan Zaharescu - Executive Director, Romanian Association of International Medicines Manufacturers (ARPIM)
Laurentiu MIHAI - Executive Director, Association of generic Medicines in Romania (APMGR)
Silvia VLASCEANU - Executive Director, Association of Energy Utilities Commanies (ACUE)

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